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Simple Sweet Sourdough Master Recipe

This recipe is for a basic enriched dough made with sourdough. It is easy for beginners and extremely versatile for use in many different savory or sweet applications. In order to make this master recipe successfully you need to take care with the following steps: First, your starter must be healthy and active. This is […]

Sourdough Tips & Info

How to Revive a Sourdough Starter

I often have people tell me, “I killed my sourdough starter.” Or they ask me, “Did I kill my starter?”

The short answer is no, you probably didn’t.

Sourdough starters are actually very resilient. Read below how I advise people to revive a neglected sourdough starter and you can scroll down to watch a detailed walk through of me taking a sourdough starter that sat in my fridge neglected for a whole year through this reviving process!