Living Bread Baker offers classes, retreats, and guidance in order to encourage and empower the beginning bread baker. The three values that direct what we do are wild, whole, and wonder.


Wild refers to the yeast Living Bread Baker uses, but more importantly it is about the spirit of bravery needed to begin baking sourdough bread. Intrepidly exploring a new skill and using a medium like a sourdough starter that is ruled by forces (wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria) we can’t see with our naked eye.


Using whole grains from sustainable sources make an enormous impact on health, the environment, agricultural communities, and small businesses. That business practice is one part of the second value, whole. Living Bread Baker applies this value in classes and coaching by helping bakers envision incorporating sourdough baking into the rhythm of their lives and schedules as well as using sourdough baking as a way to practice the art of being present.


The first time you open your oven to see your bread at the halfway point of baking, you will be filled with the sense of wonder and amazement that is a hallmark of bread baking! The value of looking for everyday wonder through baking comes from founder Jenny’s faith and the words of Jesus, who said, “I am the Bread of Life.” He multiplied a few loaves to feed thousands, it is the hope of Living Bread Baker that each person who takes a class, attends a retreat, or receives instruction at an organization working with foster youth will impact tens, hundreds, and even thousands of people around them by sharing love, joy, and generosity through bread.

About me

My name is Jenny and this business was initiated out of my desire to empower others to cook and bake real food as well as to become a resource in the foster care community.


Daily pain, near daily use of over-the-counter medicine to manage digestive pain and heartburn, and health issues led me to discover sourdough baking. All my life, I followed every major diet trend and struggled with terrible digestive pain and issues, especially when I ate processed bread. After learning about real food and meeting with a nutrition therapy practitioner, I learned about how real sourdough can be more easily digested, without discomfort for most people.


I’m also a mom of two young kids. When my son was struggling with eczema and becoming more “selective” about food choices, sourdough became essential to our kitchen since he could eat sourdough bread without having an eczema outbreak.


I love getting to enjoy bread, pizza, crackers, etc. without feeling miserable afterwards! And now I have the privilege to share my knowledge and skills with other people who may struggle with the same issues through classes and events!