Have you felt frustrated or confused with past attempts to bake bread? Maybe you’ve given up and think it’s just not for you? 

Living Bread Baker takes the frustration out of bread baking. So you can successfully bake bread to enjoy and share that will create a legacy of joy and love that will last for generations!

Bread baking without the insider jargon.

Bread baking broken down.

Bread baking illustrated clearly.

Bread baking that works for YOU.

Even when it comes to sourdough bread baking, I make it accessible to all bakers.

Here are some comments from past students:

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About Jenny

My name is Jenny and this business was initiated out of my desire to empower others to cook and bake real food as well as to become a resource in the foster care community.

Daily pain, near daily use of over-the-counter medicine to manage digestive pain and heartburn, and health issues led me to discover sourdough baking. All my life, I followed every major diet trend and struggled with terrible digestive pain and issues, especially when I ate processed bread. After learning about real food and meeting with a nutrition therapy practitioner, I learned about how real sourdough can be more easily digested, without discomfort for most people.

I’m also a mom of three young kids. When my son was struggling with eczema and becoming more “selective” about food choices, sourdough became essential to our kitchen since he could eat sourdough bread without having an eczema outbreak. Now all three of my kids LOVE sourdough in all their favorite forms… bread, waffles, cinnamon twist bread…

I love getting to enjoy bread, pizza, crackers, etc. without feeling miserable afterwards! And now I have the privilege to share my knowledge and skills with other people who may struggle with the same issues through classes and events!

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