Learn to Bake Sourdough

Learn to Bake Sourdough

Ready to get started with sourdough?

It may feel overwhelming at first, but here are some straightforward tools and steps to get you started!

This 21-page guide describes what a sourdough starter is, benefits, how to care for one, step-by-step illustrations and photos for baking a rustic sourdough bread, timing cheat sheets, and more! It will give you the key terms, knowledge, and practical steps to get started.

Take my online Intro. to Sourdough course or sign up for an upcoming local class

I love teaching people how to bake sourdough. I break down the process and help bring clarity to even the most intimidated and overwhelmed students. Once you’ve taken a class from me (online or in-person), you can follow up with me to ask questions or get help with my most asked question: “Does my bread look right?” I look forward to helping you bake delicious sourdough bread!


What is a sourdough starter? Learn the basics or review how to refresh your starter (discard and feed):

Many people have an issue with caring for their sourdough starter. They don’t realize that their sourdough starter must be refreshed by use (or discard if the starter was not used while active) then feed. Feeding a starter repeatedly that hasn’t been used results in an unhealthy starter.


Learn about how to make a sourdough starter from scratch

In this guide, I give you the step by step instructions for creating your own sourdough starter over 7-10 days.


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Learn Sourdough Today!

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Jenny Prior owns and operates Living Bread Baker, where she teaches sourdough baking and creates recipes to share through her books and website. Her love of cooking, background in teaching special education, and health journey led her to create this business to help share the joy and wonder of sourdough baking with others.

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