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Everyday recipes

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Sourdough Whole Wheat with Honey Millet Mix and Seeds

Ingredients: 500g Hard Red Wheat Flour (mine was fresh milled and purchased from Moon Family Farm) 375g water 100g active starter (I used a white 100% hydration starter) 12g sea salt 100g millet (coarse milled) optional: 30g honey 80g hot water 30g toasted pumpkin seeds 8g poppyseeds Directions: 1. Prepare starter at least 6 hours before […]

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Sourdough Rustic Bread Master Recipe

Some of the links for products below are affiliate links. I may receive a small commission if you purchase through the link, but it does not affect the price to you, the customer. This recipe comes from my book,  Everyday Bread Baking. This simple formula transforms three basic elements—flour, water, and salt—into an incredible bread […]

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Sourdough Pizza

Ingredients to make two large pizzas: 400g white flour (all-purpose or bread flour) 100g whole wheat flour 355g water plus an additional 10-20g water 100g active starter 10g salt Method: Note: this recipe is identical to the sourdough country bread until the end of the fermentation stage. 1. Mix together flours and water to begin […]