Sourdough Bread Baking Tools

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Celebrate with Bread Baking

This book is for beginning bakers as well as intermediate bakers looking for something new. There are a wide variety of difficulty levels from quick breads to direct dough with instant yeast to breads made with sourdough starters. Go through the seasons of the year for seasonal breads as well as many different holidays from various cultures. It makes a perfect gift!

Everyday Bread Baking

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I wrote this book with the beginning baker in mind. There are 8 master recipes and each subsequent recipe uses one of the master recipes as a starting off point, making it easier to get started with making lots of different kinds of breads!

Digital Food Scale

Bread baking is done by weight and ratios so using a digital scale creates accurate measurements.

Sourdough Starter

If you don’t have a sourdough starter or a friend who can share, buying a sourdough starter online is an excellent option! Breadtopia offers a live starter as well as a dehydrated starter. Cultures for Health is another great company that sells a dehydrated starter that can be rehydrated and revived for making wonderful naturally fermented breads.

Dough Scraper

Having a plastic dough scraper is an essential part of a bread baker’s toolkit!

Rattan Proofing Basket

Using a proofing bowl creates a beautiful round boule of dough.

Lodge Dutch Oven Combo Cooker

Lodge makes an incredible Dutch oven that is excellent for bread baking to create a steamy environment for oven spring.

Bread Lame

This steady and well-made tool is my favorite for scoring bread. I love that it is made in the U.S.A. too.

4-quart Clear Container

This container is the perfect size for fermenting one batch of bread dough.

6-quart Clear Container

This 6-quart size fits 2 to 3 batches of dough, depending on the recipe.

4-quart Clear Container

This flaxcloth linen baker’s couche is used for shaping breads like baguettes.

Baguette Flipping Board

A baguette flipping board is used to flip baguettes from the baking couche to a baking sheet or bread peel for baking.

Rocking Pizza Cutter

I love using a rocking pizza cutter to make clean cuts through sourdough pizzas.

Digital Heat Thermometer

Use a digital heat thermometer to measure the temperature of your baking stone before baking pizza, baguettes, and other breads.

Ceramic Baking Stone

A baking stone is perfect for baking pizza, baguettes, fougasse, and other artisan breads that improve from a direct heat source.

Bread / Pizza Peel

This tool is perfect for moving baguettes, pizza, calzone, and other breads in and out of the oven.