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How to Revive a Sourdough Starter

I often have people tell me, “I killed my sourdough starter.” Or they ask me, “Did I kill my starter?”

The short answer is no, you probably didn’t.

Sourdough starters are actually very resilient. Read below how I advise people to revive a neglected sourdough starter and you can scroll down to watch a detailed walk through of me taking a sourdough starter that sat in my fridge neglected for a whole year through this reviving process!

Sourdough Tips & Info

Embracing Simple & Graze Meals

Let’s embrace simple… Simple and sourdough don’t seem to go together, do they? And for the true beginner this may very well be the case. But if you are able to keep a starter alive, you can make some very delicious and simple recipes with sourdough discard like Sourdough Graham Crackers (Sourdough Discard). If you […]

Sourdough Tips & Info

Sharing Bread part 2: Multiplying

Multiplying batches of dough is an important part of sharing sourdough bread with others. Whether you want to bake some batches of loaves with neighbors or invite people over for sourdough pizzas, you’ll need to effectively plan how to make the correct amount of dough. In this post, I’ll share how I multiply a batch […]

Sourdough Tips & Info

Sharing Bread part 1: Planning

So you want to bring sourdough bread to a friend who just had a baby or make sourdough bread to go with dinner… but you’re not sure how to time it to have your bread finished in time…. Aside from getting better acquainted with natural fermentation and caring for a live sourdough starter, the time […]

Sourdough Tips & Info

When is my dough fermented?

Rushing the sourdough long fermentation process is a common mistake newer sourdough bakers make. I know I’ve made this mistake plenty of times! The part of sourdough baking that must be learned through experience and can’t be learned through any amount of lessons is baker’s intuition. This intuition allows the baker to sense when to […]