Sourdough Discard part 4: How do you use it?

Hopefully you know what sourdough discard is from my class or from reading this post.

Some people don’t save it and that’s okay! But for those of you who are interested, here are a few ways that I use my sourdough discard. You can read the list or scroll down to watch the video!

How to Use Discard:

  • Use it in a sourdough discard recipe! Find mine here: Living Bread Baker Sourdough Discard Recipes. Or search sourdough discard on pinterest and you will find lots of ideas to try!
    • Note: If you are sensitive to gluten, make sure that the recipe includes time for the dough to sit and ferment for a few hours (overnight is even better) so that the proteins are broken down and more digestible.
  • Use it as a dairy substitute! It works really well in place of milk or buttermilk.
  • Use it for emergency backup to make a new batch of fresh starter by adding a tablespoon to a jar and refreshing it. Or share some with a friend and feed it in the same way!

If you are wondering how to save it, see this post: Sourdough Discard Part 2: How do you save it?

What about bread?

In the video I mentioned that you can’t make bread with discard, which is only partially true. If you tried following a typical sourdough bread recipe that calls for an active starter you will be disappointed with the results.

However, there are some great recipes that use a sourdough starter at this stage that I call discard (some call it overripe) to make sourdough bread. Usually those recipes use a smaller ratio or percentage of the sourdough starter discard in the dough mix as well as a much longer fermentation timeline.

Bottom Line

You don’t have to save your discard, but there are many ways to use it for even more delicious and digestible baked muffins, waffles, crackers, and more!

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For a more complete introduction to sourdough, check out my Sourdough Quick Start Guide here:

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  1. I have just started doing sourdough using a starter I received from a friend. I have a much better understanding of the process and considerations from the discards series. Now I will check out the other resources on your site. Thanks very much!

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