Sourdough Starter 101

Sourdough Starter 101

Before we talk about how to care for a sourdough starter, its benefits, and what it is made of, let me tell you how to get one.


A sourdough starter can be obtained in two ways. First, someone can give a portion of their sourdough starter via gift or purchase.


I sometimes sell portions of my starter and I give one to every student who takes a class. Other online retailers like Breadtopia or Cultures for Health sell sourdough starters as well!


Second, you can make one at home. The process takes about 7 days but will give you a better understanding of sourdough! See this post for how to make yours: How to Make a Sourdough Starter.


See the video below to learn the basics of sourdough starter 101 and how to care for a sourdough starter by refreshing it. Refreshing is done at least once a week to keep the starter alive and healthy, but must be done in advance of each time you plan to use it in a bread recipe. This video is part of my Intro. to Sourdough class, the online course can be found here: . In-person classes and other events are posted on my events page.

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