Sourdough Discard part 3: Why keep it?

You know what sourdough discard is from my class or from reading this post.

If it’s called “discard”, why do you save it? Great question!

Here are a few reasons why I save mine and why I think it’s a great idea for you to start saving sourdough discard as well. Read the list or watch the video below to learn more!

Reasons to Save Discard:

  • Have an emergency backup supply just in case of emergency.
    • I’ve had students who have dropped their jar of starter and the glass shattered or a well meaning guest washed out their container of starter. Having a jar of discard saved in your fridge will allow you to take a tablespoon, feed it, and begin a new batch.
  • Use it to make sourdough discard recipes.
    • You can find sourdough discard recipes on my site under the category Sourdough Discard Recipes.
      • Some of our favorites are waffles, crackers, and graham crackers!
      • Or conduct an online search! Make sure to watch part 4 (coming soon) for a little explanation on what to look for in a good discard recipe.
  • Sourdough discard can be used as a dairy/buttermilk substitute once it gets to a runny liquid state.

If you are wondering how to save it, see this post: Sourdough Discard Part 2: How do you save it?

Bottom Line

You don’t have to save your discard, but even keeping a small jar that you rotate out every month may give you peace of mind so that you can have emergency backup!

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For a more complete introduction to sourdough, check out my Sourdough Quick Start Guide here:

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