Empowering Youth

Empowering Youth

Empowering foster youth and being a resource to the foster care community is part of the heartbeat of Living Bread Baker. Many teens in foster care haven’t had exposure to cooking with real foods, baking, or the ability to gain basic skills by helping in a home kitchen. Jenny teaches baking and cooking as a volunteer at The Glass Slipper of Sacramento.

This population is extremely vulnerable to human trafficking and homelessness. Our vision is to provide life skill training, mentoring, and instill confidence in their ability to take on new challenges by partnering with local organizations like The Glass Slipper.

To learn more about The Glass Slipper or donate to the work being done there, including the building of a commercial kitchen, click here.

Living Bread Baker is part of a world-wide initiative called Sourdough Sisters started by world-renowned sourdough teacher, Vanessa Kimbell, to impact individuals and communities in need.

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About Me

Jenny Prior owns and operates Living Bread Baker, where she teaches sourdough baking and creates recipes to share through her books and website. Her love of cooking, background in teaching special education, and health journey led her to create this business to help share the joy and wonder of sourdough baking with others.

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