Intro. to Sourdough Cohort

Intro. to Sourdough Cohort for Beginners

Ready to learn how to make sourdough, but need some support? You’ve found the right place! 

Here’s what is included in the upcoming April Intro. to Sourdough cohort:

Sign up for the list below and I will send you information for how to buy a starter in time to start the class and I will send you the link to sign up for the online course for our start day!

Once you purchase your course, I will add you to a private online group with other members of the cohort.

In the group, you will be able to post questions and hear from me and other members. Your learning will accelerate as you learn from others’ questions they ask that you might not have thought of.

Also, I will go live twice in the group to answer questions.

You can learn on your own, but when you learn with others, the experience offers more understanding, inspiration, accountability, motivation, and fun!

We start April 4th, so make sure to sign up below to receive more information. Signing up for the list doesn’t sign you up for the course, so you don’t have to commit today but it will ensure that you don’t miss out!